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Poker Etiquette – Easy to Master Even When You Are New to the Game!

Do you love the thrill of watching a poker tournament? Not a player, but would love to try your hand at the poker table? Then now is the time to brush up on your poker etiquette!

Poker Etiquette

Knowing the basic, unspoken rules known as table etiquette should be one of your top priorities.

Each casino has their own set of house rules, so it is important to review them when you arrive.

Here’s a few rules that they may include:

▪ Betting always goes clockwise. Never bet out of turn.

▪ Nothing is allowed on the poker table except the cards, your drink, and chips.

▪ Do not bend, dent, or mark the cards in any way.

▪ Do not touch another player’s cards.

▪ Play only one table at a time (“One player, one hand”).

▪ Be kind & respectful to the dealer and other players.

One of the biggest sins in poker etiquette is cheating, and it is taken very seriously. Most forms of cheating fall into one of these four basic categories:

Collusion – Two or more players that scheme together to beat the other players. Can be difficult to catch.

Mechanics – Can involve the dealer and is accomplished with a sleight of hand, like shuffling from the bottom of the deck. Most casinos are monitored, so it’s usually not an issue.

Imported Chips – Most casinos have custom-made chips, so rarely it’s a problem.

Marked Cards – Bending, tearing, and using invisible ink to mark cards before they are used in a game. Using a new deck each game helps avoid this.

Cheating, whether it’s trying to take a sneak peak at someone else’s cards or one of the four other categories above, can cause a person to be blacklisted and/or face serious penalties.

OK, now since we’ve reviewed poker etiquette, it’s time to learn about how to play poker. Let’s start out with three card poker! We have an exceptional eBook for you to download for FREE: How to Play Three Card Poker – Everything You Need to Know. Check out our FREE eBook Library too, it has an excellent selection of eBooks on how to play other games as well!

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