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Do You Have a “Poker Face”?

Are you new to poker? Do you understand the importance of your facial expression when you do play poker? Can you maintain a “poker face”?

A “poker face” is defined as a face lacking an interpretable expression. If you watch an expert poker player, you will see they have it mastered.

Keeping a “poker face” is one of the most important keys to success when playing poker. A  poker player avoids giving anything away to their opponents, but a good poker player is also a skilled bluffer, and able to mislead opponents into making false assumptions.

Here are some ideas for maintaining a “poker face”:

It’s a full body effort.

Maintain an effective “poker face” by being aware of your whole body. Have a serious face it shows that you know what you’re doing. But, be careful of your nervous habits, they are indicators to others that you are nervous. Watch your face in the mirror.

You may not realize how your facial expressions may appear to others, this can make it rather challenging to keep a “poker face”. Try standing in front of a mirror and thinking about different scenarios that cause various emotions, then watch your expression. Use a video camera to record yourself playing a practice game of poker with your friends and observe your expressions carefully. Learning how to control your facial muscles when they naturally want to react to different emotions during the game is the secret.

Your eyes are windows into your soul.

Have you ever noticed that a person’s eyes “light up” when they’re happy and their eyes darken when they are angry? Even if your facial expressions are stoic, your eyes will naturally dilate when you are happy or real excited. Trying to control is hard. When your eyes are light, this can be detected by your opponents. Now you know why so many poker players wear dark sunglasses. Maybe you should wear sunglasses too.

Keep your hands on your cards.

Never put your hands anywhere near your face during a poker game. A hand signal, even when they are small can give away your “poker face” without you realizing it. Make sure you keep them firmly on your cards.

Remain calm.

Your body should reflect the same kind of movement for every hand. However, if you are intentionally trying to look nervous to fool your opponents that sometimes works too!

Stick with your “poker face”.

It’s difficult not to show emotion. One way to control your facial expressions, without surrendering all expression, is to pick an emotion or expression  stick with it though out the game. Like thinking happy thoughts all evening, and smiling regardless of your hand.

Now since you have your “poker face” squared away, are you ready to play some poker? Or perhaps you would like to play some of our other games. Check out our FREE eBook library!

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See you soon! -Emily

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