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#7: Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournaments
This is the seventh installment of How To Play Three Card Poker – Everything You Need to Know which can be downloaded for free by clicking either eBook icon below.

Once you’ve become a card shark, you may want to consider entering a Poker tournament. A Poker tournaments, as the name suggests, are tournaments in which players compete for a prize by playing Poker. It can consist of as little as 2 people playing on a single table (called “Heads up” tournament), to tens of thousands of people playing on thousands of tables.

The winner of a Poker tournament is the person who has won every poker chip in the game. The other players are given awards based on their order of elimination. In a tournament, the players chips cannot be cashed out for money, they only determine the player’s placing.

Here’s how it works:

You enter poker tournaments by paying a fixed buy in and are given a pre-determined amount of poker chips. Again, these chips have no cash value. Some tournaments may offer the option of purchasing more chips, called re-buy or buy-back.

For most tournaments, they will keep an even number of players at each table by moving players, either by switching one player or (as the field shrinks) taking an entire table out of play and distributing its players amongst the remaining tables. In a shoot out tournament, they let the tables dwindle down as players are eliminated and the last player at a table will then move on to the next round.

The prizes for a Poker tournament will vary depending on the tournament. However, the prize is usually awarded in one of two ways:


Each place corresponds to a certain payoff. For example, a ten-person, $20 buy-in tournament might award $100 for 1st place, $60 for 2nd place, and $40 for 3rd.


Payouts are determined on a percentage-based scale, based on the number of participants. These scales will usually see the top three players winning more than the rest of the paid players combined.

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