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#11: Glossary of Poker Terms

This is the eleventh installment of How To Play Three Card Poker – Everything You Need to Know which can be downloaded for free by clicking either eBook icon below.

Now that you’ve got the basics of poker down, the etiquette, basic strategy and how to bet, it’s time to learn some…

…Poker terms!


This is indicated by a diamond on the 3 Card Poker table. It is the bet you must place to receive your cards and start the game.


In 3 Card Poker this means you choose to stay in on a hand when you should fold. In other forms of poker, where you are playing against other players, this term refers to making other players think that you have a better hand than you actually hold.

Even Money

The house pays the player the same amount of money that they bet. In 3 Card Poker, all bets are even money bets.


To drop out of play.

Pair Plus

This bet is indicated by a circle on the card table, but is completely independent of the Ante/Play bet. A Pair Plus bet is placed on a bet of whether the 3 cards dealt to the player contain a pair.


Indicated by a diamond on the poker table, the Play bet must be equal to the Ante bet and is played against the dealer’s hand. It is placed after the player has received his cards, but before he has seen the dealer’s cards.


A tie between the player and the dealer. Nothing is paid out.


The minimum a dealer must have to play. In 3 Card Poker, the dealer must have a Queen high hand or better to qualify.

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