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Tip 13: How To Play Blackjack. The Hand Signals, What They Are and What They Mean.

Blackjack hand signals are as important to know…

This is the 13th tip in our series, “How to Play Blackjack: 21 Winning Tips.” If you would like to view these tips offline and at your leisure, just click for the Myrtle Beach location.

as the rules of the game!

Most casinos will not acknowledge verbal instructions, so proper hand signals are essential.

Hand signals assist the “eye in the sky” (person or video camera located above the table) in resolving disputes or identifying mistakes while you play blackjack.

Signals vary depending on type of game:

Face Up Game

  1. “Stand” – wave hand from left to right over cards, without moving your arm with your hand parallel to the table

  2. “Hit” – point at your cards or tap the table

  3. “Double Down” or “Split” – place an additional bet next to the original bet.

  4. Don’t place the additional bet on top of your original wager!

  5. If you have two 4‘s or two 5‘s, hold up one finger to double and two to split.

Face Down Game

  1. “Stand” – Put cards underneath your bet

  2. “Hit” – Scrape the table with your hand

  3. “Double Down” or “Split” – Turn your cards face up, then place additional bet next to original wager.

  4. Hold up one finger to double and two to split.

Now that you know all the hand signals to play blackjack like a pro, you should get out there and play.

“How to Play Blackjack – 21 Winning Tips” is also available as a free eBook.

If you are interested in playing either South Carolina Blackjack or simply want more information – feel free to contact us, or call us at (843) 249-9811

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