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Tip 12: Understanding Blackjack Insurance. When Taking Insurance Can Benefit You.

Blackjack Insurance is a bet…

This is the 12th tip in our series, “How to Play Blackjack: 21 Winning Tips.” If you would like to view these tips offline and at your leisure, just click for the Myrtle Beach location.

… on the odds of probability.

When the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, you have the option to “take insurance” before the dealer checks the “hole card”.  (Thus the expression, “Ace in the hole”)

Insurance is a side bet and can be up to half the original wager.

Blackjack insurance pays 2-to-1 when the hole card is a 10 and the dealer has blackjack… otherwise it loses.

Playing the odds of probability:

The dealer’s second card has a nearly one-third probability of having a ten-value, giving the dealer a blackjack.

Odds are high that you will lose, so insurance bets can be attractive.

The insurance bet is lost if the dealer does not have a Blackjack, but you can still win or lose on your original bet.

When you have a blackjack and the dealer has an ace, the insurance bet may be offered as “even money”.

Even money means your blackjack is paid immediately at 1:1 before checking the dealer’s hand.

Is blackjack insurance a good bet?

Well, although the odds are higher that you will lose the bet, some prefer to take the 1 out of 3 odds of winning 2-to-1 instead of losing their bet.

So, is it a good bet?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Unless you’ve perfected your strategies, and taken into account the number of decks being played, you definitely have a higher chance of losing this bet.

However, you also have a high chance of losing the original bet anyway if the dealer has an Ace, so some like to take their chances and walk away with a 2-to-1 win.

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