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The History of Video Poker

Long before there was video poker, before the lights and bells and jingles, before you could draw with the push of a button and watch your winnings flash on screen, there was plain old-fashioned poker making its away across America as settlers and pioneers pushed westward.

Video Poker

which can be downloaded for free from

The game has its origins in Persia, then Europe, then in the first settlements of the New World.

As frontiersmen made their way toward the Pacific, they brought…

cards, and poker, with them. New Orleans in the 1800s was a hub for travelers and speculators on their way to new territory, and poker tables soon began to crop up on the riverboats that plied the Mississippi and in the saloons that dotted the French quarter. As railroads connected the far corners of the nation, poker became the quintessentially American game.

Popularity Continues to Grow

This popularity continued through the centuries that followed. As time passed and technology progressed, gambling kept pace with the trends in the wider world.

First mechanical slot machines came on the market in the early 1900s. These gaming machines were set-up similar to poker: cards flipped around a spindle and cash payouts were based on the hand that turned up.

As technology advanced in the 1970s and the first personal computers began appearing in households, inventors developed electronic poker games. By 1981, video poker had become the most popular new addition to casinos.

Today, hundreds of video poker variations exist with thousands of different pay tables. For poker enthusiasts, this has become an exciting way to play!

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