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Why People Love Playing Video Poker!

Since video poker first appeared on the scene in the 1970s, players have fallen in love with the game.

This is the seventh installment of “How to Play Video Poker – What You Need to Know” which can be downloaded for free from

Playing video poker offers many advantages for the serious and not-so-serious poker player…

#1 – You set the pace of the game. No longer is the rate of play dictated by others at the table. If you’ve ever sat at a poker table and had to wait and wait while someone decided what to discard, then you know all about this. Or maybe you’ve wanted to take your time making a decision but the other players at the table pushed you into moving. Either way, with video poker you decide how quickly or slowly you want to play.

#2 – People also love video poker because it offers some of the best returns in the house. While luck is involved, video poker is also a game of strategy.

#3 – Winners know how to use the payout tables and game techniques to their advantage. With optimal play and the right strategy, players can earn a 100% return. That’s one of the highest payouts in the casino!

#4 – Video poker combines all the fun and excitement of gaming — plus the big payoffs! — with the chance to control your own game. No wonder players love it.

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