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It’s Time to Board a Big “M” Casino Cruise Ship – Myrtle Beach!

Interested in becoming a “Recent Winner” on a Big “M” Casino Cruise Ship – Myrtle Beach?

Is it time to brush up your gambling skills? Don’t forget to check out our Current Specials?


Have you ever looked at our “Recent Winners” page and wondered what it would be like to win a jackpot?

Or perhaps, you already have. Either way, the thrill of winning is unforgettable!

Brush Up on Your Gambling Skills

When was the last time you reviewed our FREE eBook library? You may want to read:

1) How to Play Video Poker – What You Need to Know 2) “Lotsa Slots” – How to Play Slots.

Our website also offers a link to FREE ONLINE CASINO GAMES so you can practice!!!

Ready to get started?

Take a moment and check our Current Specials:

Current Special 2 20160316
Current Special 1 20160316

Play our online slot machine for a chance to win a FREE Cruise with Buffet for Two.

Review our current calendar for additional opportunities to win while having fun on both of our ships:

March 2016 Calendar

Make your reservations today online on a Big “M” Casino Cruise Ship – Myrtle Beach! You can also purchase your tickets online.

Sign up for our Cash Back Player’s Club!

Don’t m

Player's Club Card

Player’s Club Card.

Did you know the Big “M” Casino Ships also offers Vegas-style casino table games and All-You-Can-Eat Buffets!

Have questions? We will be happy to answer them.  Contact Joshua or call 877-250-LUCK!

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