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9: Lotus Flower Slots

Lotus Flower Slot Machine
This is the ninth installment of “Lotsa Slots – How To Play Slots which can be downloaded for free from

The Golden Lotus gives luck, joy and wealth to whoever holds it.

Somewhere amongst the beautiful Chinese images and Oriental characters lies this mystical flower, that will not only bring you luck but amazing prizes as well.

This is a 5 reel, 25 line slot game. The Golden Lotus acts as the wild card while the White Lotus acts as scatter symbol. Choose how many lines you want to play with, wager your amount and click, spin to begin your search for this mysterious flower.

Take time to stop and smell the flowers! Lotus Flower is a newer game, so it’s literally “fresh”. The game play is very fluid, and contains a great balance in all the categories. Symbols include face card letters and numbers from playing cards, as well as other mystic symbols such as fish, babies, and lotus flower wilds.

All the symbols are stacked, and you can get a bonus by getting three of more lily pad symbols scattered on any reels. Three bonus symbols get you 10 spins, fou

r will get you 15, and five will get you 20 spins.

In the bonus, all of the non-playing card symbols count as wilds. Stack them all together and win a megaton. This game offers great odds and the best chance of walking away with some good money.

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