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8: Let It Ride Poker Chips

As with many poker games, Let It Ride uses chips as currency.

poker chips
This is the eighth installment of “How to Play Let It Ride, Cowboy” which can be downloaded for free from

When you’re asked to “ante up”, it’s important to know this currency so…

…you know how much you’re betting. Below are the standard amounts that are assigned to each chip color.

The five most common colors and their values are:

  1. White = $1

  2. Red = $5

  3. Blue = $10

  4. Green = $25

  5. Black = $100

Why are chips used in place of money?

Casinos use chips in place of money for several reasons:

  1. Chips are more convenient to use than currency

  2. Chips make theft and counterfeiting more difficult.

  3. Stacks of chips are easier to count when used on a table, compared to paper currency. Because chips have uniform size, regularity, and coloring patterns, everyone can easily and quickly see the bets. Also, the “Pit Boss” or security can quickly verify the amount being paid, reducing the chance that a dealer might incorrectly pay a customer.

  4. The uniform weight of the poker chips allows the casino to weigh large stacks or piles of chips rather than counting them. However, most casinos use counting aids such as chip trays for this purpose.

Ok – now you know all about the chips, let play Let It Ride!

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