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Have You Played “Let It Ride”?

You are at the casino, standing near the table games, and wondering if it time to learn how to play “Let It Ride”.

Let It Ride

Not quite sure of the basics of the “Let It Ride” table game? The table looks similar to a BlackJack table. In front of each player…

there are three circles marked with a “1”,”2” and “$”.  “Let It Ride” is a variation of five-card stud. However, it is based on three player cards and two community cards.

To place a bet, you must make sure that your initial wager is divisible by three and that your wager is distributed equally between the three betting spots. The symbols “1” and “2” indicate the thirds of the wager that you can withdraw before the first and second community cards are turned up. The “$” represents the third of the wager that can never be withdrawn.

Ok, that seems easy enough. If you need more details just download our FREE eBook: How to Play Let It Ride, Cowboy!

Remember the proper etiquette. (1) Place all three wagers in front of you, of the same amount, (2) No touching, you can’t touch your wagers until the hand is complete, (3) No peeking at the cards until the dealer has dealt everyone’s cards and moved your cards closer to you. Now you can look.

Make sure you know your odds, you can find an example chart in our eBook! Along with information about poker chips and a glossary of terms.

Here are five great reasons why people love “Let It Ride”:

▪    Fun Camaraderie at the Table     ▪    It’s Easy to Learn     ▪    Potential for High Payouts     ▪    It’s Not Just About the Luck of the Draw     ▪    Let It Ride Never Gets Boring

Join us, make your reservations on the Big “M” Casino cruise today. Have questions? Contact us online or call (877) 250-LUCK!

See you soon!


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