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5: Money Storm Video Slots

Money Storm Slot Machine
This is the fifth installment of Lotsa Slots – How To Play Slots” which can be downloaded for free from

Now here’s a twister you may not mind being swept away by!

This game is designed to look like a scene out of the movie “Twister”. It includes a farmhouse and farmer under attack by a twister. But, this is not your run of the mill tornado…this is a money twister!

Yes, cows are flying through the air, but so is the cash! In this game, you have a shot at winning some substantial money. The top prize available to win on Money Storm is 200,000 coins!

About the Game

Money Storm video slot is a 5 reel, 20 pay-line slot. Symbols in the game are characteristic of farm animals and various belongings you would find on a farm. It also includes a “weather beacon”, which is something called a “scatter symbol”. This symbol triggers a money making bonus round. Here, you will be showered with cash while listening to the song “its raining men”!

If you land the weather beacon icons on reels 3, 4 and 5 in the same spin, you will trigger the slot machine to start “raining” credits down on you. Once you’ve weathered the storm, any credits you have accumulated will be multiplied by the coin denomination in which you are wagering in.

Bonus Round

The Money Storm game has a featured bonus round called, well, “The Money Storm” bonus. When you hit three or more of these symbols consecutively you will begin the makings of a twister or money storm that awards you with free spins!

During the twister and money storm you will be entertained by the animated characters and their humorous reactions.

Once the free spins start, you will see credits [or coins] thrown about across the screen. Once this has completed, it is added up to be your cash bonus.

But, there’s more! If you hit three weather beacons or three money storm symbols during the free spins, you will get to play even more extra bonus rounds or free spins!

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