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3: Let It Ride Strategy

The house edge for Let It Ride is estimated around 3.5% when you play the correct strategy.

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This is the third installment of “How to Play Let It Ride, Cowboy” which can be downloaded for free from

In order to play the odds, you must know The Let It Ride strategy: which hands you should withdraw and when to “let it ride”.

Here is the standard strategy for this game:

Bet #1Let It Ride if you have:

  1. A winning hand – pair of tens or better

  2. A three card royal flush

  3. A three card straight flush

Bet #2Let It Ride if you have:

  1. A winning hand – pair of tens or better

  2. A four card royal or straight flush

  3. A four card flush

  4. Four high cards

  5. A four card open ended straight

  6. A four card inside straight

For recreational players, Let It Ride can be a fun game. It is slower than Blackjack (you will be dealt about 40 hands per hour), and the atmosphere of camaraderie at the tables is enjoyable.

Some casinos also offer lower limit games. By taking the time to learn the simple strategy of Let It Ride, any level of player can have fun and enjoy the excitement of this table game.

The Let It Ride Side Bet or Bonus Bet

Bonus Bet

Some casinos will let you make a bonus bet on your first 3 cards. For example, a 3-card Flush might pay 3-to-1 while a 3-card Mini Royal might pay out 50-to-1. Beware though, the house edge nearly doubles on this bonus bet.

Side Bet

There are also some casinos that will give you an option for making an extra “side bet” for a dollar when playing Let It Ride. This bet is in addition to your ante and 2 main bets, and it is for an extra payoff for specific hands.

This bet started in 1995, when Shuffle Master created a Let It Ride tournament. They set up the tournaments so that every three to six months, players who got a royal flush when they made the side bet were invited to a million dollar tournament.

The tournament has since been discontinued, however the side bet has remained. It can be made for a bonus payoff when certain hands are made. The pay table for the bonus varies from casino to casino, and the house edge ranges from 15 to 30% on side bets.

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