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2: Do You Know How to Play “Let It Ride”?

How to Play Let It Ride
This is the second installment of “How to Play Let It Ride, Cowboy” which can be downloaded for free from

Let It Ride is played on a table similar to a Blackjack table. In front of each player, there are three circles on the table marked with a “1”, “2” and “$”. The game is basically a variation of five-card stud, based on three player cards and two community cards.

When placing bets in Let it Ride

you must ensure that your initial wager is divisible by three and must distribute your wager equally between the three betting spots.

The symbols “1” and “2” indicate the thirds of the wager which you can withdraw before the first and second community cards are turned up. The “$” represents the third of the wager which can never be withdrawn.

Let It Ride

Here are the basics of how to play Let It Ride:

  1. To start the game, a player places three equal bets in each circle.

  2. The Shuffle Master machine deals out cards three at a time.

  3. The dealer places the three-card hand in front of each player.

  4. After each player receives his or her cards, the dealer discards one card, leaving two cards face down in front of the dealer.

  5. The machine counts out the remaining cards into the discard tray.

  6. When this is finished, the players are allowed to look at their three-card hand.

  7. At this point you will have the option to take back your bet in circle “1” or “let it ride”. (If you choose to withdraw your bet, do not touch the wager. Just scratch your cards on the table in a pull back motion.)

  8. After all the players have made their decisions the dealer will turn up first of the two community cards which are in front of the dealer. (This card is used as the fourth card for all the player’s hands.)

  9. You now have the option of withdrawing your second bet or “letting it ride”. (You may withdraw the second bet, even if you let the first bet ride. However, you can not withdraw or put the first bet back up.

How to Play Let It Ride, Cowboy!
  1. After all the players have made their decision for the second bet, the dealer will turn up the second community card. This card completes the five-card hand for every player. At this point the dealer will pay all the winning bets. (See the pay table in Tip #5 “Let It Ride Odds” in the eBook.)

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