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When in Rome…On a Carolina Gambling Cruise? Play the Games!

We mentioned in our previous Tip of the what to bring “Do’s and Don’ts” that you might…

This is the 4th step in our “7 Lucky Steps to make your Gambling Cruise experience THE BEST EVER!”

be lucky enough to spot dolphins playfully swimming alongside the cruise, but just in case you don’t, you might want to have some others reasons to be on Carolina Gambling Cruise.

Like, uh, gambling?

On behalf of the Big “M” Casino Gambling Cruise, we recommend that you learn to play casino games!

Why? Because it will make your cruise 10 times more enjoyable and exciting.

Once the ship departs from the dock, you may choose to eat your meal immediately or take advantage of the friendly staff providing instructions on how to play a plethora of casino games.

We also offer lessons in Roulette, another fun and exciting game you can play, or we can teach you the tricks of counting to twenty-one in a game of Black Jack.

If slots is your game you can ask any slot attendant the “how to play” basics of the loosest slots onboard the Big “M” Casino.

Recently, popular new nickel slot machines were added to the first deck!

Our SC Casino Cruise makes it our mission to make our guests our priority and to get the most of their time on our cruise.

If you are interested in one of our Las Vegas Style Gambling Cruises or simply want more information – feel free to contact us, or call us.

Contact Us or call us at (843) 249-9811.

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