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Video Poker Odds and Strategies

When it comes to video poker odds, you’ll often hear people say about gaming tables that the house always has an advantage. But video poker is one of the rare exceptions to this rule. If you look for the most liberal pay tables and approach your game with an optimal strategy, then you will have an advantage over the house.

Some machines have high long-term payouts, especially those offering wild card games. If you factor in incentives like cash back, free plays, and other bonuses, you can see a 100% return.

For the best payouts, you’ll need a specific strategy. And some of the best strategies are the simplest! One easy-to-use tactic is to keep a mental list of ranking hands. Then, depending on what you’re dealt, hold on to the cards that are highest on that list. For instance, depending on the video poker game you choose to play, your list might look like this:

Video Poker Odds

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You simply have to evaluate the cards you’re holding and keep the hand that sits highest on the list!

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