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Tip 13 – Terms You Should Know While Playing Roulette, Part II

Now that you know all of the roulette terms from A-P you can really…

Roulette Terms Part II
This is the 13th tip in the “How to Play Roulette – 16 Spins to Win” eBook.

Get into playing roulette!

This post will cover term’s starting with letters Q-Z.

Q: Quatre – a French word (meaning “four”) used to describe a four-number bet.

R: Reds – $5 chips (usually red) sometimes called “nickels”.

Rien Ne Vas Plus – a French term meaning “No more bets”

Rogue – a French word (meaning “red”) used to describe a red bet.

Row Bet – betting on 3 numbers in a row in the table. Also known as a Street Bet or a Three Number Bet (pays 11 to 1)

S: Sixaine – a French term for a Line Bet (betting on 6 numbers in 2 rows or streets).

Stack – a group of 20 roulette chips.

T: Tiers Du Cylinder – French term meaning “third of cylinder”. This rule is commonly seen in European roulette. This bet encompasses the numbers which sit on the opposite side of the wheel from the zero. This roulette bet includes all numbers between and inclusive of 27 and 33. Winning bets pay 2 to 1.

Transversale Simple or Triple – Three Number Bet.

Twelve Number Bet – Referring to a Column Bet.

Two Number Bet – Referring to a Split Bet.

V: Voisins Du Zero – a French term for “neighbors of zero”. This bet encompasses all the numbers between and inclusive of 22 and 25 and covers almost half of the possibilities. Players can request this bet in French roulette from the croupier.

W: Wheel Clocking – A player uses this technique to keep watch of the outcome of the spins and find out patterns in addition to probabilities and biases. A different means of tracking this is to use electronic or mechanical devices with the idea of forecasting where the ball will fall. Such devices are considered illegal and could result in eviction and/or prosecution.

Now you should know all of the terms that are used in the game of roulette, so get out there and show everyone at the roulette table what you’ve learned!

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