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Tip 10 – Online Roulette: Virtual Fun to Prepare You for the Real Thing

Online roulette can be fun but…

Online Roulette
This is the 10th tip in the “How to Play Roulette – 16 Spins to Win” eBook.

The real fun is in actually being at the table with other players!

Watching the Croupier spin the wheel, the chips fall onto the table as you hear other players call out their bets.

You hold your breath as you watch the ball spin around… And finally… you hear the ‘ping’ as the ball settles into the pocket (which hopefully has your number on it!)

Is it legal? Yes.

A bill was signed in 2006 making it illegal to transfer funds from banks and similar institutions to online gambling sites.

Online Roulette, for recreational purposes only, is currently legal within the U.S. as long as you don’t play for real money.

Since Roulette is really only a game of chance, many people are interested in playing online Roulette to practice their betting techniques and become familiarized with the wheel and table layout.

For you, our online “gamer” friend, we have a few tips.

There are a variety of free online Roulette websites.

Just be careful to choose one that does not require a credit card number or any form of payment.

You will be prompted to use your mouse to place your chips on the table layout that will be on your computer screen.

Different sites will vary slightly, typically you would

  1. Click on the chips for the denomination you wish to bet

  2. Click the place on the table you wish to place the chips (It will alert you if you have reached your betting maximum).

  3. Click to spin the wheel, and then watch the ball circle

When the ball lands on a number, it will remove your chips from the table and indicate either your payout or loss.

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