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It’s Time To Try Your Hand at Video Poker!

When you’re at the casino, do you walk right on by the video poker machines?

Have you played video poker?

Would you like to brush up on your video poker skills?

Game King Video Poker

So, you have decided to play video poker. Now what? It doesn’t look too difficult, but you’re just not sure as to the strategy. There are a number of games to choose from. Which game is the right one for you?

Wow! The person sitting next to you just hit a “big one” with “four of a kind”. That looked easy. Maybe you can hit a “big one” too! Time to start playing, but you’re not winning. Now what do you do?

For the best payoffs, you need to have a strategy in place before you start playing. Did you do your homework on the games that you decided you would like to play? Do you know the rules? Are you familiar with the ranking of the different hands?

No worry! Let’s start out with “the rules”. All video poker games follow the same rules. That’s easy to remember.

The Rules

Each game uses a 52-card deck unless Jokers are being played.

To Play: Make a wager, select the denomination you’d like to play, press the “deal” button, and you will receive your first five cards randomly dealt to you by the video poker machine.

Next Step: Look at your hand, after you decide which card(s) to keep, discard the other ones, and receive replacement cards randomly chosen for you by the video poker machine.

Final Step: You’ll receive your payoff based on the five cards you have left in your hand, and the pay schedule you’re playing with.

Video Poker Odds

Not sure that you’ll remember what cards to hold? Here’s an example list of cards that hold value. Take a look at the breakdown.

The Odds and Strategies

You’ll often hear people say that with gaming tables the house always has the advantage. With video poker, that isn’t true. If you learn how to play the pay tables that are the most generous and you have a well-planned strategy, then you could have an advantage over the house.

Some of the best strategies are the easiest ones. Keep a mental list of ranking hands, (you may want to print the example list). Evaluate your cards, then hold on to the highest cards on the list.

More About Video Poker

Interested in learning m

ore about video poker? Download our free eBook “How to Play Video Poker – What You Need to Know”.

Some of the most popular games today are Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, and Double Bonus. The Big “M” Casino offers Game King video poker machines that let you choose from a number of games like Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, and Double Bonus Poker. All the Game King machines are multi-denominational, that means they allow you to bet 5, 10, 25, and 50 cents or a dollar per hand!

The Big “M” Casino

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