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Helpful Video Poker Tips to Keep in Mind

Video poker is fun and may be lucrative — if you play your cards right.

Video Poker Tips

This is the fourth installment of “How to Play Video Poker – What You Need to Know” which can be downloaded for free from

There are a few video poker tips to remember that will maximize your game playing. One key point to keep in mind is pacing…

…you don’t have to rush through a game. One of the best parts about video poker is that you’re not sitting at a table where other players set the pace. You decide the rhythm of your games. It’s a good idea to go slowly, especially if you’re new to the game.

Make sure you know the rules of poker before you sit down to play. This will ensure that you have the best shot at earning the highest payout. Also remember that each type of video poker game has its own optimal strategy. Winners familiarize themselves with the games before they start to play.

One great way to optimize your payout is to bet the maximum number of coins for each hand. Most machines offer a bonus on the highest hands if you’ve put in the maximum coinage.

Two Helpful Video Poker Tips to Keep in Mind While Playing:

  1. If you’re dealt a minimum winning hand, always keep that hand. The best players know not to trade in a winner — even if it’s a low-ranking pair.

  2. If you’re holding three-of-a-kind, always trade in the two other cards. This is true even if the other cards are high-ranking. Trading them both in gives you a shot at four-of-a- kind or a full house.

How to Play Video Poker - What You Need to Know

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