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Are the Slot Machines Calling Your Name?

Wow! You are at the casino, and now it’s time to decide which machine to play?  If you are new to slot machines, the first thing you will realize is there are a variety of machines to choose from!

Each slot machine has its own theme and involves matching brightly colored symbols of fruits, numbers, letters or shapes. Multi-line slot machines are available too and are becoming very popular! They have more than one pay-line. Reel slot machines usually have three to five pay-lines. However, video slot machines may have anywhere between 9 to 100 different pay-lines. With video poker, you can play between one and one hundred hands at a time.

Are you ready to play?

Step #1: Take a moment and get acquainted with the slot machines, review their pay schedules. Pick out your favorites and let the fun begin.

Step #2: Decide what denomination range you are interested in playing. They usually range from  a penny or nickel to $100 or more per credit.

Step #3:  Get comfy in your seat, and start playing! Most players accept their winnings as credits. They either keep playing using the winnings or decide it’s time to cash out (by pressing the “Cash Out” button). The machine in turn dispenses tokens or a printed ticket of your winnings. Take them to the cashier when you are ready to redeem them for money, or venture on to your next game.

Did you walk by the High Limit slot machine area? That’s where the large denomination slots are usually separated from the rest of the slots. This area has its own set of attendants to help you.

The nickel slots are very popular. The Big “M” Casino offers a variety of them. Download our FREE eBook: “Lotsa Slots” – How to Play Slots” from our eBook library and read more about the description of the games. You will learn what you can expect when you sit down to play them.

When you’re ready to play slots on The Big “M” Casino, take the next step and make a reservation for one of our AM or PM cruises that depart from Little River, South Carolina. Have questions, contact us online or call 8143-249-9811.

Remember – it pays to play on The Big “M” Casino!


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