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6: Rembrandt Riches Slot Machine

Rembrandt Riches Slot Machine
This is the sixth installment of Lotsa Slots – How To Play Slots”which can be downloaded for free from our eBook library.

With a delicate stroke, Rembrandt, one of the greatest painters in history, could transform ordinary into extraordinary. He was famous for his ability to capture the human condition like few ever had before. The Rembrandt Riches slot machine was inspired by Rembrandt’s most famous paintings.

This game honors Rembrandt’s life and legacy and the richness he brought to all that laid eyes on his work. You can immerse yourself into the opulence and beauty of the Renaissance time period, and see the eloquence of the royalty that is shown on the screen.

In this beautiful game, it takes only 20 credits to cover all of the pay-lines. It has a Tumbling Reels feature, which gives you more chances to win. But what sets this slot machine apart from others?

Well, one unique feature is that, when a winning combination is revealed, either on the pay-line or a scatter pay, you are awarded the credits won. Then, instead of spending more credits to play again, the winning combination symbols disappear.

The remaining symbols above the disappearing symbols then fall down to the empty space, and new symbols fall from the top. The slot player could still win more credits and the process is repeated. This feature stops when no more winning combination are revealed.

The bonus free spin round is initiated when 3 or more Rembrandt Riches symbols are shown on any of the 5 reels. Depending on the number or Rembrandt Riches symbols that are shown on the 5 reels determines the number of free spins.

This bonus round changes to another screen and basically the same symbols do more tumbling down and again, with the winning combination vanishing from the screen, the credits are awarded to the player, the remaining symbols fall down in sequence to fill the empty spaces to enable more possible winning combination.

Learn more about the rest of the slots we offer by clicking the eBook icon to your right. It’s free!

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