How to Play Craps - 11 Rolls to Win

How to Play Craps - 11 Rolls to Win

If you've ever been on our casino cruise, you've probably heard a lot of excitement and energy emanating from the Craps table. Our guests flock to the craps table because that is where much of the cheering and enthusiasm comes from. If you'd like to learn how to play Craps, rather than just watching everyone else partake in the fun & excitement, here is your chance.

We wrote an eBook called How to Play Craps - 11 Rolls to Win to help teach you the basics (and some finer points) of Craps. Our goal is for you to feel confident enough to join us at the Craps table and place your own bets. This FREE ebook will teach you:

  • A short history about the game
  • Multi roll Craps bets
  • Betting the odds
  • Craps game variations

and more. Once you've read How to Play Craps - 11 Rolls to Win, we're sure that you'll want to come aboard the Big "M" Casino, try out your new skills, and have a blast!

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